What Fuctions Can Heavy Load AGV Achieve?

November 15, 2022
1. Automatic operation, automatic route optimization
 In the past, the traditional logistics sorting was done manually, which is not only inefficient, but also has a large workload, requires a lot of overtime, and is prone to errors. After the heavy load AGV is used, the AGV lifts the shelves, automatically optimizes the route, and automatically transports the shelves to the destination. This kind of goods finds people to work, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
2. Safe, fast and automatic diagnosis
AGV trolleys work faster than manual work, and because they are artificial intelligence products, they have a certain self-diagnosis function. Therefore, they can also be automatically analyzed and diagnosed during operation. Once problems occur, they can be solved in time.
3. Can receive commands
Different from ordinary handling equipment, the AGV trolley can receive remote instructions, and as long as there is a network, it can complete the instructions, which is very convenient.
4. Realize refined, flexible and information-based logistics management
AGV trolleys can be used in conjunction with modern logistics technology, and can achieve point-to-point automatic access functions. In the process of handling and operation, it can ensure refined operations, flexible cooperation, and information processing, thereby making logistics management more intelligent.