What Are The Features Of Autonomous Guided Vehicles Navigation?

October 15, 2022
The navigation guidance of AGV autonomous guided vehicles refers to the process by which the AGV controls the speed and steering angle according to the path offset, so as to ensure that the AGV accurately travels to the position and heading of the target point.It mainly involves three major technical points:
Positioning is to determine the position and heading of the AGV autonomous guided vehicles relative to the global coordinates in the working environment, and it is the most basic link of AGV navigation and guidance.
2.Environmental perception and modeling
In order to realize the autonomous movement of AGV, it is necessary to identify a variety of environmental information based on a variety of sensors: such as road boundaries, ground conditions, obstacles, etc.AGV determines the reachable and unreachable areas in the forward direction through environmental perception, determines the relative position in the environment, and predicts the movement of dynamic obstacles, thereby providing a basis for local path planning.
3.Path planning
Depending on the degree to which AGV  autonomous guided vehicles has mastered environmental information, it can be divided into two types: one is a global path planning based on known environmental information, and the other is a local path planning based on sensor information. The environment of the latter is unknown.
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