How is a cable drum transfer cart used?

November 06, 2021
Electric transfer carts are mainly operated by operation handle and remote controls to complete the prescribed instructions. Cable drum transfer carts can be divided into spring type and magnetic coupling type according to different transportation distances.
The working principle of spring-type cable reel: This series of reel mainly uses the tension of the spring and the energy released in an instant to retract and unwind the cable. It is mainly used for electric transfer rail carts with a stroke of less than 30 meters.
The working principle of magnetic coupling type cable reel: It is composed of coupling transmission device, armature box and reel. It is mainly driven by wheels, and the retractable cables are synchronized with the wheels. Commonly used for rail carts with a travel distance of less than 200 meters, a cable arranging device can be added to assist the reel for orderly retracting and unwinding of cables.
The cable reel power supply mode rail transfer cart has no working time limit, low cost, and low failure rate, which is one of the commonly used selections.