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Workshop Transfer Trackless 120 Ton No Powered Trailer With PU Wheel - Exported To America

February 11, 2018

120 ton no powered trailer, our customers wanted it for moving parts of presses in different type of floors asphalt, concrete and cement form one workshop to another with forklift towing.

Our customers special requirement:

a, There are two towing bar on the both sides of the trailer.

b, Adding the moving axle system;

c, Adding the fixed device on both sides of table.


Technical Parameter of 120 ton forklift towing no power trailer:

1. Exported Country: The United States

2. Capacity: 120 ton

3. Wheel Type: PU Solid Wheel

4. Towing Device: Towing Bar

5. Table Size: 6000*2540*900mm

6. Length of Towing Bar: 2000mm

Looking forward to our fruther wonderful communication!

120 ton towing trailer