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Heavy Duty Equipment Handling Rail Guided Electric Transportation Platform Turning Cart - Capacity 15 Ton

August 22, 2019

The rail guided electric transportation platform is battery powered, as per the job site, it is a large assemmbly line, mainly manufacture Printing equipment, composite equipment, coating equipment, energy-saving equipment, environmental protection equipment, packaging equipment, engineering equipment, electromechanical equipment etc. our customers’ required that the rail guided cart need to transport the equipment to related process. And transfer cart need turning while working. Consider the cost and route, our engineer designed the rail guided transfer cart.

 Main Parameter:

1. Capacity: 15T

2. Power: Battery Power

3. Motor: DC Motor, Soft Start

4. Table Dimension: 3500*2000*700mm

5. Turning Radius: 5000mm

6. Special Function: PLC Control, automatic Stop

7. Running Speed:0-20m/min

8. Operation Method: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

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15t Electric Transportation Platform