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Customized Anti-heat Steel Ladle Transfer Cart With Tilter For 25 Ton Heat Size Steel Ladle - Exported Turkey

September 12, 2016

1 set KPD series 25t steel ladle transfer cart has been exported Turkey, which is our non-standard transfer car. Their business scope of turkry customer is pump,ductile pipe,valve others etc. The transfer cart was ordered to transfer the hot steel ladle, so the transfer cart has to be protected by hgh temperature. What’ s more, As per our customers ‘ requirement, the customized transfer cart required realizing the function of turning, dumping or titling, weighig system.the hot molten steel is 25 ton. Due to high frequency, we recommend the low volatge rail powered transfer cart to our Turket client.


Technical Parameter Of Steel Ladle Transfer Cart With Tilter For 25 Ton Heat Size Steel Ladle:

1. Power: Low voltage rail power

2. Load Capacity: 25 ton

3. Table Size: 3500*2800*800mm

4. Running Speed:0-40m/min

5. Wheel Diameter: 400mm *12

6. Running Distance: 100m

7. Rail Type: P38 Steel Rail

8. Special Funcetion: Turning Sysytem, Anti - high temperature, tilting system, Weighing System.

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25t ladle transfer cart