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Battery Powered Trolley On Wheel - Capacity 30 Ton

May 09, 2020

BEFANBY designed the transfer trolley, which is our patent product, the largest capacity can be more than 1,000 tonnes on request.

The 30 tons battery powered transfer trolley is used by Chinese Academy of Sciences, they used it to handling the tank. The battery powered trolley can realize  omnidirectional transport with PU wheel on the request of our clients. And the hydraulic lifting table are designed to realize the lifting function.

Dimensions, loading platform superstructure, speed and many others features can be customized as per customer request.

The main feature of the transfer trolley:

Load Capacity: 30 tons(over 500 tons also can be realized)

Table Size: 3500*1500mm

Lifting Height: 300mm

Lifting Type: Hydraulic lifting

Power Supply: Battery (different kind of batteries are available on request)

Battery life: 4 hours (higher autonomy on request)

Charger: Intelligent Charger

Motor: DC motor

Travel speed: 20 m/min with full load (different speeds on request)

Command: Remote Controller and pendant push button

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