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Battery Power Rail Motorised Flat Bed Transport Wagon System For 10T Steel Ingot Handling

August 17, 2017

Our customers use the flat bed transport wagon system for workshop indoor outdoor handling, their company business scope includes: architectural design, engineering management, construction engineering technology development, application, promotion; concrete prefabricated component raw materials and product inspection; subway segments, prefabricated PC prefabricated concrete components, decorative landscape PC components, bridge components, large-scale water supply (Sewage) Technology research and development, production, sales of water pipes, concrete components, metal components, steel structures, reinforced products, building components, new building materials, green building energy-saving materials, commercial concrete, commercial mortar and other cement products, construction molds, Construction and installation; sales, leasing, and maintenance of construction machinery and equipment; municipal public works, housing construction engineering construction; warehousing services (excluding flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals); construction labor subcontracting; road general cargo transportation, etc.


The transport wagon mainly is used in steel ingot and concrete product handling, which is a standard rail transport wagon, the battery power type are designed as per the high using frequency that working at least 8 hours one day. A common worker can operated the transport wagon stop, start without complicated technical level so that it can save the labor cost. The transport wagon can take the place of the forklift and electrical type can save the cost and be environmental .

Technical Details of the Rail Motorised Flat Bed Transport Wagon System

1. Type: KPX

2. Power: Battery Powered

3. Capacity: 10 Ton

4. Table Size: 4500*2500*500mm

5. Motor: DC Motor

6. Running Speed: 0-20m/min

7. Running Distance: 230m

8. Wheel Type: Casted Steel Rail Wheel

9. Rail Type: P18

10. Certification: CE SGS ISO9001

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Battery Power Rail Motorised Flat Bed Transport Wagon System For 10T Steel Ingot Handling