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Anti-explosion Steel Element Transfer 10 MT Railway Flat Freight Wagon for Painting Line - Exported Malaysia

June 28, 2019

2 sets KPJ series 10mt railway flat freight wagon has been exported to Malaysia, which is an auxiliary product used in Shipyard, the railway flat freight wagon transported the steel element from workshop to painting line, so the transfer cart is explosion proof, the parts from the railway cart are specially equipped for anti-explosion, including the electrical appliance box, cable, the sound & light alarm, the hand pendant control ,the remote control, etc.


Technical Parameter of Railway Flat Freight Wagon for Painting Line:

1. Power: Cable Drum (explosion proof)

2. Load Capacity: 10 MT

3. Table Size: 5000*1200*760

4. Wheel Diameter: 300mm*4

5. Running Distance: 50m

6. Operation type: Hand Pendant + Remote Control (anti-explosion)


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10t railway flat freight wagon