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70 Ton Electric Powered Transfer Trolley On Rails With Anti - Explosion Military Workshop

December 02, 2020

70 Ton Electric Powered Transfer Trolley On Rails With Anti - Explosion Military Workshop

1 set 70 ton electric powered transfer trolley has been signed the contract,  our customer do business on military enterprise, the rail transfer trolley will be used for the anti explosion workshop for military products transportation. The transfer trolley need to realize workshop handling with 90m running distance. Consider our customer’s budget and special working site,the  transfer trolley was powered at the middle point of the cable drum, and compared the common type transfer trolley, it need realize turning on its workshop, the turning radius is 50000mm.


Our customers’ Company *** Aerospace Company, After more than 40 years of development, the company has developed and produced a large number of high-quality high-tech military products for my country’s national defense construction and aerospace industry. The company has more than 1,000 employees, more than 400 professional and technical personnel, and has 170 intermediate and senior professional technical personnel. The remaining 4 people enjoy special government allowances. It has strong research and production capabilities for high-energy products and high-energy materials, and has more than 300 sets of high-tech equipment represented by industrial CT, high-modulus test benches, and mainframes. It has completed the development and batch production of various models, and has created extraordinary achievements in the history of my country's aerospace solid engines.


Technical Parameter of the electric powered transfer trolley:

1. Model: KPJ

2. Power: Cable Drum

3. Capacity: 70t

4. Table Size: 6000*2500*900mm

5. Running Speed: 0-25m/min

6. Environment: Anti-explosion

7. Rail Type P50

8. Control: Hand Pendant + Remote Control

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