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350 Ton Battery Powered Electric Tow Tractor For Railway Broken Train Towing

August 13, 2018

Battery Powered Electric Tow Tractor

The battery powered electric tow tractor was designed for the train tractor when the train was wrong from one station to the repair station. The tow tractor is made of two group wheel including rail wheel and Pu wheels so that the tow tractor can run on the railway and common rode together, which make the pulling more conveniently.


As per customers’ requirement, the pull capacity have to meet 350 ton, and battery powered is more environmental than the diesel power, which can save cost and operated more easily. Simple structure and easy operation. Pure electric tow tractor have few running transmission parts, easy maintenance, and stepless speed regulation, making driving operations easier, reducing the labor intensity of the drivers and passengers.


Technical Parameter of The Electric Tow Tractor :

1. Capacity: 350 ton

2. Table Size: 4000*2000*1600

3. Towing Motor: 4*3.5kw

4. Trackless Motor: 2*2.2kw

5. Towing Rail Wheel: 430mm

6. Steerable Wheel: 400mm

7. Operation Type: Remote Control + Hand Pendant