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25 Ton Trackless Steerable Cart For Foundry Factory Mold Transfer - Electric Battery Driven

August 23, 2018

25 Ton Trackless Steerable Cart

The mold transfer trackless steerable cart has been delivered to Shanghai workshop,our customers use the trackless steerable cart for workshop mold handling. The trackless steerable cart moved on epoxy floor, The wheel material of trackless steerable cart is polyurethane and casted steel, the trackless steerable cart is made of 2 pcs driven wheels and 2 pcs turning wheels, double motor to control the trackless steerable cart to start, stop, go forward, backward, turning, etc.

Technical Details of Trackless Steerable Cart:

1. Model: BWP - 25T

2. Capacity: 25 ton

3. Table Size: 3500*2000*600mm

4. Power: Battery Power

5. Motor:DC Motor, Soft Start

6. Wheel Dia.:450mm

7. Running Speed: 0-20m/min

8. Control Ways: Hand Pendant + Remote Control